Fear & Failure

I’ve been listening to (devouring) Justin Su’a’s podcasts over the holiday week and it might just be my new favorite thing. Apart from listening to hundreds of his archived episodes, this past week he’s been discussing the Growth Mindset vs. the Fixed Mindset. You know when something finds you at exactly the right moment? Yeah. This. … More Fear & Failure

Round-Up: Size-Inclusive Workout Clothing for Women

I’ve been wanting to do a little round-up post of companies producing size-inclusive workout clothing for women. For the longest time I had trouble finding comfortable workout clothing above size L. And forget cute, my workout clothes were not cute, they were frumpy and awful. Fortunately, finding active wear in a variety of sizes isn’t … More Round-Up: Size-Inclusive Workout Clothing for Women

Sunday Funday

The last few days have been pretty stressful. Our puppy has been sick and we spent a lot of time (and money) at the vet. Fortunately, our baby pup is on the mend, but I’m still feeling the effects of very little sleep and lots of stress. Still, I woke up this morning and did … More Sunday Funday

Practice Makes Better – Perfect is Boring

The phrase “Practice makes perfect” has been on my mind a lot. I really hate it. As I work on finding myself, I’m learning that practice is just that – something we do to better ourselves and our habits. Perfection is unattainable, and I’m sick of listening to those insidious voices that tell me I must reach perfection … More Practice Makes Better – Perfect is Boring