Book Review: ‘Obstacle Race Training’ by Margaret Schlachter

You know that scene in As Good as it Gets when Jack Nicholson tells the dog, “Don’t be like me. You be your own little man!” If not, then what are you doing still reading this post? Watch that fine movie, then come back and read this fine post. If you get the reference then you’ll … More Book Review: ‘Obstacle Race Training’ by Margaret Schlachter

Pressed for Time

Today didn’t go as planned. I woke up late and in a bad mood. I let my mood get to me and feed my insecurities of not doing enough with my time. I didn’t get all my work done, I forgot about a meeting I had planned with a friend – by noon I realized that … More Pressed for Time


Picture this: The California sun glints off steel as onlookers wait for a fight to start. The audience is busy fanning themselves and pulling sticky, cotton shirts away from sticky skin. The fight is 3 vs. 3, and the clanging of armor echos through the parking lot. A few of the meathead-y onlookers laugh, but … More Warriors

When Life Gets Busy

I have been MIA on my blog since before August. Life gets busy, but I wish I hadn’t let that dictate my tenuous blogging habits. However, I did discover some important lessons during my self-inflicted hiatus. 1. Trust That You Will Have Enough The past five months have been nothing short of life-changing. At the end … More When Life Gets Busy