Round-Up: Size-Inclusive Workout Clothing for Women

I’ve been wanting to do a little round-up post of companies producing size-inclusive workout clothing for women. For the longest time I had trouble finding comfortable workout clothing above size L. And forget cute, my workout clothes were not cute, they were frumpy and awful.

Fortunately, finding active wear in a variety of sizes isn’t impossible. Thanks to so many people speaking out about body diversity, companies are popping up that fill a need. Here’s a list to get you started:

1. Superfit Hero

Sizes offered: XS – 3X
Clothing: Leggings & tops

One of my personal favorites, Superfit Hero is the brain child of roller derby athlete Micki Krimmel. She launched a hugely successful kickstarter in fall of ’15, and now she has an expanding line of quality workout gear for all sizes!

Not only does she offer cute, functional clothing, but she also takes time to highlight women in various athletic fields. You can see her latest interview with Olympic Medalist Sarah Robles here!

2. Shefit Apparel

Sizes offered: XS – 6X
Clothing: Sports Bras

This site is all about the bras. Their sizes range from XS – 6X, which means they’re dedicated to finding comfortable, adjustable workout bras for all women. While I have not tried them personally, I have friends who are raving about the fit and function of this brand.

3. Katie K Active

Sizes offered: XS – 3X
Clothing: Tops, Bottoms, Accessories

Katie K Active has been on my radar since I first stumbled on their Instagram account two years ago. Their pictures feature curvy girls doing tough workouts, what’s more to love? I love their social media accounts and their clothes have been highly reviewed.

Katie K is kinda the answer to all my bitching. They prove that women of all shapes and sizes can wear the same prints, in the same damn cuts as every other girl in the gym. //End Rant//

4. T2T Apparel

Sizes offered: XS – 5X
Clothing: Tops & Bottoms

I just found out about T2T Apparel and it prompted a shopping spree. #SNS

Their selection of tops is by far the main event, although they do have a few bottoms listed. Not only do they have the best range of sizes in tops, but their entire brand is built around women empowering other women. I’m so there.

I have a hard time finding funny, cross-fit-y shirts in sizes that don’t hug my back fat, and these cuts seem nice and loose. Just my style when I’m hitting the pavement. Bonus: They have a tank-of-the-month club which you can join for a reasonable price! I’m thinking a Christmas wish list item.

Okay! That’s my list to get you started. What did I miss? Do you have a favorite size-inclusive brand that I left off the list?

Guys, what about you? Are men facing these same issues in the workout clothing department? Let me know, I want to know.



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