Upwardly Updates

As I said in my previous post, March is a busy month for me since I’m usually readying a conference paper for the International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts. This year was no exception, and I spent this past week surrounded by some of my favorite people.

Our panel "Body Image in Disney"
Our panel “Body Image in Disney”

I had packed a weeks worth of workout gear in the hopes that I would find time keep up my daily running routine. I did – once.

I spent the second day feeling a tad guilty for not keeping my routine, (which I’ve mentioned before is so helpful when it comes to managing my symptoms). However, I quickly realized that spending time with people who have influenced me most was far more important than my losing sleep and getting to the gym.

Turns out this was the best thing I could have done. I had so many soul-searching conversations, exchanged countless ideas and creative moments, spent HOURS by the pool, and had a week to reset. I’m returning to Salt Lake with renewed purpose and fervor for my goals.

How often do I let my health goals dictate my entire schedule? The answer is probably “too often,” but as I continue my quest for health, I recognize and validate my need for rest. I’m not perfect in finding that balance, but I am making strides towards finding that sweet spot of hard work and time spent recharging.

Any time we can remove stress from our battle with PCOS, we can ease our load. I hope that you are able to find some way to recharge this week in whatever way your life allows.


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