Product Review: FATface Skin Care Travel Kit

I promised a review of FATface’s line of all-natural skin care products, and I’m finally delivering!

My bouts of radio silence typically have something to do with whatever writing project I’m working on at the time. February and March are always devoted to my conference papers for the International Conference of the Fantastic in the Arts, which is a blast, and also in Florida. I know, a small price to pay for furthering nerdy academia.

Anyway… on to the good stuff!

I  begged received for Christmas the FATface Travel Kit.

Travel Kit
Travel Kit

I’d been wanting to try their product for months. I’d heard great things, and I was hoping that something would help with my chin and neck breakouts that I’m prone to, because, PCOS. FATface uses a process known as “oil cleansing,” which might seem counterproductive, but in reality, it’s a much healthier way for our skin to utilize the natural oil our skin produces, (FATface puts it much better than I could, and you can read all about their philosophy here) .

Cleansing Oil

Starting with my favorite product, the cleaning oil has a pleasant smell and a small amount goes a long way. I have been using this product daily since Christmas, (twice daily when I workout in the evenings), and I’m not even through half of it yet. At first it felt strange – no lather, no scrubbing, nothing but oil, which made me worried that I’d break out the next day.

Cleansing Oil
Cleansing Oil

I did break out the first few days with the oil cleansing, but it was minimal, and my face felt so healthy. I waited so long to write this review, because I wanted to be sure and give my skin time to adjust to this new routine.

Now, I never break out. Let me repeat that: I never break out. 

If I wake up with a nasty, sore pimple, it’s gone by the end of the day as long as I keep to my routine of oil cleansing.

Overshare Time: I also haven’t had one ingrown hair on my neck or chin since using FATface products. For me, this is worth the price of their products alone. Those of you with PCOS know that one of the more painful symptoms can be male pattern hair growth on the neck and face. whether you shave it, wax it, tweeze it, or laser it, you are guaranteed the most excruciating ingrown hairs known to mankind.

Myrrhaculous Face Cream

This stuff. Wow. It’s like silk for your skin.

Myrrhaculous Face Cream
Myrrhaculous Face Cream

Again, the tallow and oil made me feel as if it would be too much oil and cause breakouts, but it is so creamy and perfect. The only thing I would do differently is buy a “Dry Skin” pot for fall/winter and use the “Normal/Combination” pot for spring/summer. I’ve been using the “Normal/Combination” since December, and I feel like I’ve had to use more than I would if I had purchased the “Dry” option. I think it depends on where you live, how your skin reacts, etc. Utah winters are harsh on my skin and I wouldn’t mind dropping extra money on this product to keep my face feeling great through the colder months.

 Body Butta 

Even with the hearty-sized travel portion (2oz), I will go through this product a bit slower. I opted for the Invigorating scent and I wasn’t a fan. I love ginger, but I don’t like the way it smells on my skin.

Body Butta
Body Butta

It’s moisturizing, but I’m not a fan of the texture. It feels a bit grainy so I don’t wear it daily. However, the texture bothers me less the more set-up (colder temp) the Body Butta is – If I don’t store it near a sunny window, or near the shower, then I don’t have any texture issues – I like my lotion cool like the underside of a pillow.

Overall, this lotion didn’t feel like a fail on the company’s product, but my personal dislike of the scent I’d chosen. Next time, (because I would order this product again), I would go with the Calming scent v. the Invigorating.

Stank Stop

I’m not one of those girls who goes to the gym and never sweats. Nope. I’m the girl with crazy post-workout hair, huffing and puffing, while leaving a trail of sweat and stink everywhere she goes. Between armored combat, weight training, running, and Scottish Highland Games, I probably produce enough sweat to fill a swimming pool.

I was so excited to try this all-natural deodorant. There were so many wonderful reviews on how well it worked, so I had high hopes. Maybe too high for this natural alternative.

Stank Stop
Stank Stop

I wore it faithfully for three weeks. Long enough for my body to adjust and long enough to know that I’m probably not someone who can wear natural deodorant.

While Stank Stop isn’t meant to be an antiperspirant, it is supposed to help fight body odor. It smells divine on its own and when you first apply, but it wouldn’t last me more than a few hours. By then I’d be at work, or the gym, and smelling like I hadn’t put anything on. I tried different amounts, reapplying throughout the day, and it all just ended with me just resorting to my old deodorant.

Which really bummed me out, because Stank Stop got rid of all my razor burn and ingrown hair. So it does work, just not well enough for me to trust it when I’m training and need to have my arms up over my head. ALTHOUGH, maybe that will be my secret line of defense when fighting singles in Armored Combat?

I still use the product on my pits when I’m working from home and not wanting to go out. I’ve also found it works well for us larger ladies on the folds of skin that sometimes start to smell from sweat throughout the day, like my stomach when I sit all day long. I know gross, but it’s true.

Things FATface Has Going for it, AKA Why You Should Invest

– Creamy, natural goodness that makes your face feel as smooth as Chris Evan’s chest (speculation)
– Products last longer than the characters on The Walking Dead
– No more breakouts
– No more ingrown hair
– No more funky patches of dry skin
– Smells wonderful
– Small business with great customer support

While their products tend towards the pricy side, I feel good about investing in FATface products. They are a small business producing great products that keep you healthier and work miracles on PCOS skin.

First day using FATface. Sorry about horrible quality of my pictures. You can see the irritation on my neck and chin, however.
First day using FATface. Sorry about horrible quality of my pictures. You can see the irritation on my neck and chin, however.
After two and a half months of consistent use. The irritation is down, and the redness is from me picking at my chin rather than breakouts.
After two and a half months of consistent use. The irritation is down, and the redness is from me picking at my chin rather than breakouts.

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