This is Your 5 AM Wakeup Call

I allowed one of my friends to talk me into joining her for a 5:30 AM workout.


The fact that I’d been considering revamping my schedule for a while now is the only reason I agreed to give it a go. I started Monday early, so early that my head hurt and my thoughts were groggy. But, just as my friend had promised, a barbell was in my hands and I’d felt like I’d been awake much longer than 30 minutes.

"Clocks for Den" -Rob and Stephanie Levy

Everyday this week has found me out of bed by 5:15 and on my way to some type of activity. I thought I’d hate it. I thought I’d never want wake up early again. I thought I’d ignore my alarms, sleeping in until 9.

Guess what? None of those things happened, I didn’t even wish for the weekend to come faster. In fact, just the opposite.

Waking up earlier with the specific goal to hit my workout freed up a good 2-3 hours of my afternoon. Hours that I would have crammed, skipped, or put-off until much later in the day. I would have struggled to find time to get my work done on top of training for the start of the Armored Combat and Highland Games season – and I can’t improve with just 30-60 minutes of half-assed training.

Could I sacrifice being comfortable for a bit more productivity in my day? Yes.

Did it help? While it’s only been a week of early training sessions, I can already see improvement in the quality of my days. My mind is clearer, leaving time for focused writing sessions. I don’t rely on caffeine for my pick-me-up, I get that now from exercising hard first thing in the morning. I fall asleep, (and sleep better), when I’ve filled my day with mindful practices. Knowing that I’ve checked off all my to-do items eases my mind, helping me shut down readily each night – something that’s been a difficult achievement this last season.

Obviously this schedule isn’t feasible for everyone, but taking a step out of my comfort zone has helped me to use my time wisely. I have to say I’m a fan of early mornings. It’s even in writing!

What about you? Are there certain hours you keep to get the most out of your day?


3 thoughts on “This is Your 5 AM Wakeup Call

  1. One of my 2015 resolutions has been to wake up at 6:30 am and going for a 1 mile walk. Every day I’ve done it has been great but because I struggle with getting out of bed in general I haven’ t been 100% successful. Once I get more used to getting up and moving, I plan to do a real workout every morning. Thanks for the inspiration!!!


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