Pressed for Time

Today didn’t go as planned.

I woke up late and in a bad mood. I let my mood get to me and feed my insecurities of not doing enough with my time. I didn’t get all my work done, I forgot about a meeting I had planned with a friend – by noon I realized that I wouldn’t have enough time to hit the gym.

Most days I would shrug my shoulders, fueling my already bad mood with the knowledge that my excuses got the best of me. Not today.

Sometimes when life doesn’t go as planned, we must remember a few things:

Stop and Breathe

Okay, so my day wasn’t great. But I took charge of my attitude and shifted from “I’m defeated” to “Here’s what I accomplished. What can I improve on?” Focus on what went right rather than dwell on everything that went wrong. Then, try again the next day.

Make a List

I read a post by Nerd Fitness about increasing your productivity, which talked about the power of list-making. Now, I start (most of) my days with a list of three items that I want to finish by the end of day. Not only does this keep me focused, three items keep me from starting my day overwhelmed.

Eat Something

I’m only kind of joking, (although most of us know that hanger is a real thing). But for those of us who struggle with hormones, insulin levels, and just plain crankiness – sometimes it’s a good reminder. Just remember to fuel your body with good foods, not quick junk. 😉

As for my missed gym session… I improvised and did a quick, home workout with the mindset that something is better than nothing.

Home Workout Tools
Home Workout Tools

Home Workout:

3 Rounds w/ 1:00 rest between sets

-1:00 Plank

– 1:00 Goblet Squats w/9# DB

– 12 Bent Over Lat Raise w/9# DB

– 12 Straight Leg (Russian) Deadlifts w/9# DB

– 12 Tricep Kickback w/9# DB

– 15 Clubbell Swings @5#

– 1:00 Mountain Climbers


TABATA push press w/5# DB (:20 active pushing, :10 static hold at top of press, keep your elbows forward through the entire movement)

TABATA Russian Twist w/8# medicine ball (:20 work, :10 rest)

* I am not a certified coach or health professional. This workout, and all advice, is based upon my current health level and goals. Please consult a healthcare professional before undertaking new activities. The Curvy Crossfitter is an inspirational blog, not a substitute for professional advice.




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