Condescension in the Ranks

What a great reminder. Let’s be nice to one another, life is hard enough. ❤

The Healthy Geek

”You can tell how smart people are by what they laugh at” Tina Fey

I woke today to find we’ve truly entered Winter. I chanced a one hand snatch of my phone from my bedside locker. Success! My limb was covered by polyester warmth once again before I’d lost it to frostbite and I now had the next 15 minutes to enjoy a scroll through social media as I gradually prepared myself to face life from outside my quilt cape.
“You can call me Queen BP” (Procrastinate). tumblr_myn05eWKxm1sap6pao1_500Absent-mindedly, due to still being about 40% unconscious, I clicked onto Instagram to see what new updates were on my home-screen. Nothing out of the ordinary- a dozen or so green smoothies, someones recent purchase of Lorna Jane gym gear, a funny picture of a pug dressed as Santa. The usual! Rozanna Purcell had created a new recipe for Cinnamon Rolls (yum), Samira Wiley…

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