When Life Gets Busy

I have been MIA on my blog since before August. Life gets busy, but I wish I hadn’t let that dictate my tenuous blogging habits. However, I did discover some important lessons during my self-inflicted hiatus.

1. Trust That You Will Have Enough

The past five months have been nothing short of life-changing. At the end of August, I was offered an adjunct teaching position at our local community college. My background is in creative writing and children’s lit., not pedagogy. Classes had already begun, and within 24 hours, I went from “I have so much free time!” to, “I won’t ever leave my house again.”

I struggled to learn the best methods of teaching, how to ask good questions, and how to handle 25 new faces asking questions I didn’t have answers to. It was tough. Tougher than any workout, job, or relationship I’ve ever held.

Teaching pushed me to the edge of, “I’m not good enough,” and forced me to move past my limitations and become enough.

I couldn’t have done this without a vast amount of support from my friends and family, but also from the staff. I was fortunate to already know a few faces at the college, and those friends acted as my mentors, guiding me through the ups and downs.

Find your support system. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Tackle your fears of inadequacy with action and see how you rise to the occasion!

2. Competition Isn’t Always the Name of the Game

My friends and family will tell you that I love to compete. It doesn’t matter if I am competing against myself or an opponent, I love the adrenaline rush it brings. However, once I began competing in the Scottish Highland Games this past summer, my typically competitive nature was tempered.

I believe you should always work towards being the best you can be – but this was different. I didn’t care about placing, or if my throws ever got better, I just loved being out on the field.

There is something special about being surrounded by strong, funny women all enjoying one another’s company while throwing heavy shit.

Scots on the Rocks Photo Credit: Joel Searcy


3. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

During the Crossfit Games this past July, events were set in motion that I wouldn’t fully appreciate until months later. A group called the Armored Combat League gave demonstrations of what they termed “Medieval MMA.”

I was mesmerized.

Hitting people with real weapons in REAL armor?! *Be still my fantasy-writing heart*

Long-story (that will divulge at a later date) short, I gave it a try.


It took weeks to finally gather up the courage to contact one of the fighters, then another few weeks to actually try on some armor, and… well, you get the picture.

This sport has pushed me so far outside my little comfort zone and blown my world wide open. It’s like my grad school experience. For fitness.

Utah Winter Faire Photo Credit: Bryan McIntyre

For all of my busyness this season, I was perpetually out of my comfort zone. At first I resisted, but I realized that so many wonderful things were coming my way simply because I was willing to take a risk.

As we move forward into 2015, this is my hope for all of us: That we chase the edge of our comfort zone. That we won’t allow fear to tell us how to live. That we take those risk that make us nervous, in order to make us brave.




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