Not-for-profit gym helps people break a sweat as well as addiction

If you’re in Salt Lake City and have ever felt the impact of addiction, Fit to Recover is an amazing group that seeks to aid healthful living and recovery.

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SALT LAKE CITY — Recovering alcoholics and drug addicts who get fit together can stay sober together–that’s the concept behind a non-profit project that began in Sugar House Park and is now moving its operations indoors.

Ian Acker is the man behind “Fit2Recover”, and he said a youth spent playing sports led to a helpful outlet for himself and others when he was in treatment for addiction several years ago

Acker began training others who were seeking treatment for addiction, and from there things grew to become a regular meeting. Between 50 to 75 people on average come to Sugar House Park four days each week to exercise and socialize with people who share their struggle.

Kevin Donnelly is among those who participate, and he said the program has helped him stay sober for 2.5 years.

“It means just getting out and doing something positive, even if…

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