Strongman: Awkward Like Me

I’m a big fan of trying new things. Especially if that new thing involves lifting heavy objects off the ground repeatedly.

Last night, I tried a new class in Strongman training. I went in with little-to-no knowledge of what exactly goes into Strongman competitions, other than lifting an Atlas Stone, which was pretty much all I needed to be convinced I wanted to try this sport. However, I do know that Strongman has close ties to the Highland Games, which I have also been learning. It sounded like a fun time, and it was.

What’s more is that I was getting tired/discouraged/worn down by my routine. Granted, routine in CrossFit is a bit of an oxymoron… nevertheless, I was feeling like I’d hit a plateau with little motivation to keep pushing forward.

Enter the Strongman class.

As I lifted awkward objects in awkward ways, it struck me how much more engaged the rest of my body was as I had to “float” objects onto my shoulder, in much the same way that I’ve been trying (and failing) to “float” the Caber during HG practices, (If you have ever tried this, you know just how terrifying lifting a perpendicular log can be). Suddenly, “float” had a concrete meaning, as did the phrase “explode from the hips.” Nothing wants to make you explode harder than attempting to roll a 90# stone onto your shoulder. That’s something you kind of want to get right, and quickly.

My body hurts in different ways – I can tell new muscle were nudged into action, and my mind is alert. Another nice thing about trying something new is that it jolts us out of our comfort zone, forcing us to pay attention so we don’t drop something large and heavy on our toes. Self-preservation at its finest!

What new thing have you tried lately?


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